Blythe M. Davis Massage & Shiatsu
On-Site Chair Massage

Highlights of On-site Chair Massage
No travel is required on your part
Recipient remains fully-clothed
No oil or lotion is used
Focus is on head, neck, shoulders, back and arms
Each massage usually lasts 10-30 minutes
Immediate benefits are evident 

Pricing depends on location, length, and day of week
Pricing can vary but has a max of $2.00/minute
Travel fees may apply if outside the Twin Cities Metro

Minimum of 2 hours required for on-site chair massage

Job stress is estimated to cost the U.S. industry $200-$300 billion annually in absenteeism, diminished productivity, employee turnover, accidents, workers compensation and direct medical, legal and insurance fees. On-site chair massage can provide employees with increased concentration, productivity, morale, energy, relaxation and reduced pain and stress.

Successful companies know that having healthy employees means better competiveness in the marketplace. When workers have high-level wellness, they are more productive on the job. Workplace wellness programs cut down on worker’s compensation claims and reduce time-off for employee illness and injury. On-site massage is a safe, convenient and cost-effective addition to the workplace. It boosts employee morale, shows that you truly care about employee wellness and provides valuable health benefits.

How Many Corporatations Utilize Chair Massage
Regular weekly, biweekly, monthly, or quarterly visits
Special occasions – Holidays, Birthdays, Appreciation Days
Providing a refreshing break during trainings or meetings
As a reward for reaching a goal
During peak work periods
When high stress deadlines are approaching

How Others Utilize Chair Massage for Events
Appreciations Days (for customers or employees)
Wellness Retreats
Health Fairs
Bridal Parties/Showers
Baby Showers
Birthday Parties for the Adults
Holiday Celebrations

Who Provides What...
I provide... certified professional massage therapist, massage chair, cleaning materials, clock, mobile credit card processing
You provide... quiet area (room, corner, or shaded area), small lamp if indoors, and filled list of scheduled chair massage recipients.

Call (612-227-0126) or email ( today to get a quote for on-site chair massage in your office or for your event!

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