Blythe M. Davis Massage & Shiatsu

"Blythe is fantastic! Professional, kind, caring, and listens well. I love working with Blythe and I always feel in good hands with her!" A.S. 9/22/16

"Blythe is amazing! I see Blythe regularly and it makes my whole life so much better. Her reasonable prices make it possible for me to get the regular care for my back and neck! Highly Recommended!" S.S. 8/26/16

"Blythe's a wizard. Her gentle yet strong approach was exactly what my body wanted/needed. I'm on the mend, thanks to her. Oh, powerful one!" T.B. 2/12/15

"I can't recommend her enough. Blythe is strong, she knows her stuff, and she listens to your body's needs- amazing! Go see her." S.B. 3/20/14

"Blythe is a great massage therapist.  She has a gentle approach with just the right amount of pressure to ease the tension from your muscles. She also provides a safe and accepting environment for all sorts of bodies." G.S. 3/16/14

"Blythe does wonderful work. It is not often that I get relief from back aches that last more than a day or so, but I am a week post-session and my back feels great! And the rest of my body feels so much more relaxed and ready to take on the new year. She also had some great ideas for keeping my workspace healthy and a very healing, positive attitude toward respecting and appreciating one's body. I highly recommend Blythe for bodywork." K.M. 1/3/14

"Blythe's massage was heavenly, the table comfortable and warm, the space relaxing and easy to find. And she did for me what ibuprofen and pt couldn't. Thank you!" J.B. 10/22/13

"Blythe is a lifesaver. I saw her throughout the duration of my pregnancy and am forever grateful for her ability to ease my aching pains. She's the only reason I survived pregnancy-induced sciatica without having to take prescription painkillers. Highly recommend!" M.H. 10/6/13

"What a wonderful massage!  Blythe was friendly and welcoming.  She paid close attention to what I told her was bothering me and asked questions periodically throughout to ensure my comfort.  I will definitely come back for another visit!" N.S. 6/28/13

"Thanks to Blythe for not only a wonderful massage, but her kind attention and caring for my overall health and the time she took to understand where I was at in terms of how comfortable I was with massage in general, where my pain points were, and any concerns I had.  I also have to applaud her on her location choice - uptown is easy to get to, but this location is just outside of the busy part of uptown and has plenty of parking.  I also really appreciate that she has weekend appointments available!" K.H. 6/15/13

"I had a super positive experience at my first massage appointment with Blythe.  She is professional and personable, has strong hands and definitely knows what she's doing.  Excellent massage, great price, very easy location to find.  She made me feel very comfortable and relaxed, and I'll definitely be going back soon.  I'd recommend her to anyone!" K.P. 6/13/13

"Blythe made me feel very comfortable and relaxed in my first session with her, and only my second massage ever.  I was having a terrible day, so it was perfect timing on the massage.Also, it was easy to converse and still be relaxed, in an environment where one may normally not converse.  Her technique is superb and I felt GREAT when I left.  Thank you, Blythe!  I would definitely recommend a visit to her, anytime." A.S. 4/16/13

"Nice & relaxing.  Blythe was very professional and did a great job getting my tense & aching neck muscles feel better fast." J.H. 3/23/13

"Blythe is caring, attentive, and visibly works to make their clients feel not only safe but listened to. She goes above and beyond to help find stretches and other cures to clients ailments. Blythe is also flexible and makes adjustments to practice to best accommodate a clients needs. I highly recommend Blythe to anyone looking for a loving guide to aid in their healing." J.L. 2/26/13

"I have been to Blythe 3 times now and find her work consistently high quality.  At first it was a treat for myself, but now I think it may become a regular part of my routine of self care." L.O. 2/20/13

"After 31 years of suffering from severe, random headaches and occasional debilitating migraines, seeing neurologists, sampling various prescriptions and odd combinations of "things that might help", trying out massage from several therapists, and more.... finally, a sweet release. Blythe Davis is a magician. I don't even know what she does - shiatsu/trigger-point work and cranio-sacral massage, perhaps - but whatever it is, it works. I've never experienced a pain worse than an intense migraine, and I've never experienced such a glorious glad-to-be-alive release as when Blythe has helped my headaches vanish." 
C.A. 11/2/12

"As a massage therapist myself, I am constantly on the lookout for frequent bodywork as part of my self-care routine. I love Blythe's shiatsu work. She has the perfect touch, excellent technique, and gives me great insight into what is happening systemically in my body. I am very picky about who I see for bodywork, and I highly recommend Blythe!"  A.C.  10/25/12

"I have been seeing Blythe for shiatsu and massage for over a year now and would definitely recommend her to any of my friends and family.  As a shiatsu therapist, finding someone who can meet my needs is necessary for my well being/self-care. Blythe is highly skilled, knowledgeable, intuitive, warm, and I have always felt taken care of, grounded, and grateful after a session.  She's wonderful!"  L.P.Q. 8/15/12

"Blythe freed up a lot of things physically, emotionally and energetically for me. I am very grateful for her consistent and caring ways. An excellent practioner!"  C.C. 3/23/12

"I haven't felt this relaxed in ages."  E.N. 7/23/12

"Relaxing. Understanding. Awesome technique that worked! Helped me be aware of what is happening within my own body."  S.S. 7/12/11

"Blythe did a great job of treating my tender injury gently, but effectively. It's a very fine line. She also gave me great information after the session on how I can aid in my own recovery."  S. R. 6/13/11